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Petak, 21. Mart 2008

Question about Sandzak political party

Zdravo everyone,

My name is Maarten Bels, I am 29 years old and originally from Holland. I hope you will forgive me for posting this in English, but my Serbian is not so good. :-)

I am doing research into the political parties of the Sandzak community for a project I am working on and I wanted to ask for your help.

I have found all the information I need about the SDP, BDSS, SDA and others but I am still trying to find the logo/emblem/symbol of this party:

-- Socijalno-Liberalna Partija Sandzaka (SLPS) headed by Bajram Omeragic.

I am very interested in the Sandzak community and its political parties as well.
Is there anybody out there who can help me find the logo of the SLPS. I can't find it anywhere on the internet and I have tried to contact Mr. Omeragic as well.
Is there anyone out there who can go by the office of this party and send me a copy of their logo.
I would be forever grateful. It would really mean a lot to me.

I wish everybody the best and hope to hear from you soon. You can contact me at:

Hvala lepa.

Maarten Bels


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Petak, 21. Mart 2008

Hi Maarten

Firstly, good luck with you research.

I’ve had a look around too and unfortunately, no luck. It appears that this party is so influential that it does not even have its own logo in place.

Then again, as it is aligned with the List for Sandzak, the members of the SLPS may be using the logo of the List for Sandzak. Sort of under the banner of our Dr. Dolittle ;)

Keep in mind that the people here have never been big on insignia as it leaves records and makes it a lot harder to switch teams when the opportunity demands it.

Who knows?

Your best bet would be:
a) The National Assembly:


b) The Electoral Commission:

Don’t forget that the bureaucracy in these parts expects one to face them so that it is easier for them to seek bribes, even for simply doing their job.

Perhaps a trip to Belgrade during the Eurovision may have to be considered.

Feel free to post other requests for information etc. We will assist you as much as we can.

Good luck again and I hope you finish your research despite the multitude of pathetic obstacles you'll be facing.

A tough nut to crack o|


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Petak, 21. Mart 2008

Hallo Maarten,

Wil je eerst vertellen waarom je specifiek geinteresseerd bent in Sandzak? En voor welke instantie je werkt?

Gospodaru moj,
Ne dopusti da me zavara uspjeh
Niti poraz baci u ocaj .
Podsjecaj me stalno
Da je neuspjeh iskusenje
Koje predhodi uspjehu.[/SIZE]


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Petak, 21. Mart 2008



You mean, your "Bosnian" is not good.

Sanjak Bosniaks speak Bosnian, not Serbian.


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